FMAP Rates – Fee for Service

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We would like to help explain just what FMAP means and how it impacts your payments from Medicaid.

FMAP = Federal Medicaid Assistance Percentage

This is the share of State Medicaid Benefit Costs paid by the Federal Government.

Each state is assigned an FMAP based on their per capita personal income compared to the national average.  It is possible to have multiple FMAP rates within a school year which is demonstrated in the example below.

Once your claims have been processed by the state the FMAP rate is then applied.

This provides the dollar amount of net payments that your district will receive.


Here is an example if you had $200,000 of submitted claims approved for payment:


Approved Costs $200,000.00 FMAP Allowed
Jul-Sep period $50,000.00 65.00 $32,500.00
Oct-Jun period $150,000.00 67.00 $100,500.00
Net Allow $133,000.00