Introducing a simplified Medicaid Administrative Claiming and Random Moment Time Study tool for school districts.

The use of Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) allows school districts to more accurately and efficiently document staff activities related to reimbursable programs. RMTS data from your district is used to allocate expenses and determine the appropriate claim amount under federal programs. Each state has strict guidelines on how a RMTS program for a school district must be implemented and monitored.

TimeStudyPro is an advanced RMTS tool for school districts participating in Medicaid Administrative Claiming and Cost Reporting. Our many years of experience in school Medicaid claiming led us to devise a system that is user-friendly, yet more than capable of meeting all claim calculation and reporting needs.

Completely Web Based

TimeStudyPro is an online service which means no special software or equipment is required. Participants simply answer their email random moments from any device and their done.

Easy Set-Up

We can have your district’s RMTS program ready in just a few days. Once set-up is complete, all participating staff receive a confirmation email with a tutorial video about how TimeStudyPro works, and the importance of completing their moments.

Real Time Access to Your Data

A designated district coordinator within your staff will have full access to employee cost information, moment response status, and timeline requirements. Add new staff and track activity directly from your admin dashboard.

Effortless Moment Completion

Moments are sent via email and take seconds to complete. Participants choose from a bank of pre-defined answers, or can fill in their own, taking very little time, improving overall time study results

Monitored by Experts

The Reimbursement team at SEAS will work directly with your district to setup cost pool rosters, monitor moments, and code participant respones in TimeStudyPro.

Worry-Free Compliance

Our Medicaid claiming experts will analyze your quarterly RMTS reponse percentages and calculate all cost data to submit for reimbursement on your district’s behalf.

Why Choose Us?

Our highly efficient, user-friendly system improves time study response rates, leading to more revenue for your school district.
  • State-of-the-art RMTS system captures 100% of the time, utilizing a parallel coding structure
  • Easily access and answer moments from any device
  • Admin Dashboard functionality increases response time and rate
  • Complex reporting made easy, increasing your district’s revenue

Upcoming TimeStudyPro

The Reimbursement Team conducts regular online training sessions covering a wide variety of topics. Check out the latest training sessions and updates for TimeStudyPro.


See for yourself just how easy recovering money for your district can be.

School districts are recovering thousands of dollars through services their staff already performs through RMTS. You should be too!